I like most people I meet in law enforcement.  It’s an often thankless job.  I’ve had family members who wore a badge and carried a gun.  Luckily, they never had to use one.  Several retired law enforcers are living in Idaho.  Coeur d’Alene is jokingly called a blue city, not because of politics.  It’s a huge population of retired LEOs.  Even southern Idaho has a large share.  Many of them I count as friends (and the same with many on active duty).

One of my friends is not only retired from law enforcement, but he’s also a decorated veteran, a devout Christian, and an example of clean living.

He bought a home in a small town because he would like to raise his kids in a place known for family values.

Which was why it was a surprise to learn that he had been arrested and charged for resisting arrest.  Pulling into his driveway one day, a police officer drove behind him.  He was told he had been clocked speeding.  It should have ended there, but then he was asked if he had drugs in his car. Having some experience on the other end of this, he objected to the question.  This didn’t end until he was followed inside and hit with a Taser, in front of his family.

The prosecutor has dropped the charges and it happened quickly.

I believe we tend to exaggerate racial encounters in this country between police and the public, but that’s not to say it doesn’t happen.  There are broadcasters, bankers, and police officers who sometimes make bad decisions.

You see, my friend is what’s called a person of color.  You know, not every minority you see on local streets is a drug dealer, or gang member, or here illegally.  I’m considering bringing him to the radio show to share his story.

I’ll mention one more thing.  I’ve talked with friends in law enforcement, and some of them have told me there’s a bad culture of law enforcement in the community I haven’t yet named.  That comes from the top.  That could change after my friend owns the town in a settlement.

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