Serial killer Ted Bundy is one of the most notorious and elusive murderers in history. Many of Ted Bundy's victims were young women in their 20s, some who were in college, others he lured from malls and beaches. One of Bundy's youngest victims was a 12-year-old girl in Pocatello.

12 Year Old Lynnette Culver Disappears

In 1975, 12-year-old Lynnette Culver was abducted on her way home from lunch from her middle school. Culver attended Alameda Middle School and would often walk home during lunch to eat. Culver made it to school, but never made it home for lunch, and never returned back to school. The Pocatello family spent years searching for their daughter and waiting for closure.

Ted Bundy Had Other Young Victims

While Lynnette Culver was the first of two 12-year-old victims, the other being Kimberly Leach, he had other teen victims as well. Although, none, that we know of, were younger than Culver and Leach. 17-year-old Debra Kent was taken after a high school play. There have been several documentaries and more information about Ted Bundy and his murder through Netflix and books.

Lynnette Has Never Been Found

The body of Lynnette Culver has never been recovered. The only reason that we know she was a victim of Ted Bundy was that he confessed to her family in 1989 before he was executed. Lynnette disappeared on May 6th, 1975 and the family got their confession, and closure in 1989.

A memorial bench can be found in Pocatello by Ross Park swimming pool. That was placed there in July of 2019.

It is so crazy to think something so horrible could happen in such a quiet and friendly place in Idaho. I am sure there are plenty of people who remember this story. 47 years really isn't that long ago. It could happen anywhere.

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