Everything is expensive right now! Gas. Groceries. Housing. Winning the next Mega Millions drawing wouldn't just make things easier, it would be life-changing! 

Can you imagine winning $1.1 billion just a few weeks after Christmas? If you buy a ticket for the Tuesday, January 10 draw it could become a reality for you. It's the third largest Mega Millions jackpot of all time.

The largest winning jackpot in Mega Millions history was $1.537 billion dollars. The winning ticket was sold in South Carolina in October 2018.

If you want to buy a ticket for the upcoming draw, you have until 7:55 MT/6:55 PT on Tuesday to purchase your ticket from an Idaho Lottery retailer.

Has Anyone from Idaho Ever Won the Mega Millions?

Idaho doesn't have the same luck with the Mega Millions that they have with the Powerball. Idaho's produced five Powerball jackpot winners, but only one Mega Millions Winner.

Holly Lathi of Rathdrum was one of two winners in the $380 million jackpot draw on January 4, 2011. She ended up having to split her prize money with the McCullars in Ephrata, Washington who also had a ticket matching all the right numbers.

Who knows, maybe YOU could be the second jackpot winner from Idaho! Maybe you'll buy your ticket from one of these lucky retailers in our area.

15 Luckiest Lottery Locations in the Treasure Valley

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