Have you already heard about the best high school football player in Idaho for the year 2023? If you haven't, you're about to learn more about him. Who is he and where in Idaho is he from? How likely is he to play for Boise State University?

Football is more than just a game in Idaho; it's a cherished tradition deeply woven into our community. From the crisp Fall evenings under the Friday night lights to the bustling local sports bars on game days, Idahoans unite around their love for the sport.

Whether it's high school rivalries that draw thousands to the stands or the fervent support for college teams like Boise State University, the spirit of football runs deep in Idaho. And there have been many high school football players from Idaho who have gone on to be stars over the years, which poses the question:

Who is the best high school football player right now?

There's a recent article from Stadium Talk that shared the best high school football players for every state, and here's who they featured for the state of Idaho:

Gatlin Bair

Gatlin is the star wide receiver from Burley High School, and at 6 feet 2 inches and 180 pounds, he is a powerhouse on the field. What truly sets him apart, though, is his blazing speed. He clocked a jaw-dropping 10.18-second 100-meter dash, making him one of the fastest high school football players nationwide.

BairGatlin | Twitter | Taken by Randy Jones
BairGatlin | Twitter | Taken by Randy Jones

Last season, he caught an impressive 73 passes for 1,073 yards, scoring an astounding 20 touchdowns. His performances have etched him into Idaho's football history as the highest-rated recruit ever, leaving college scouts eager to secure his commitment.

Gatlin has received offers from the University of Texas, Texas A&M University, University of Miami, UCLA, University of Wisconsin, University of Florida. University of Georgia, TCU, University of Arkansas, University of Alabama, Idaho State University, Boise State University and probably even more.

Is he committed to a college?

According to Gatlin's social media, he is committed to Boise State University!


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