Idahoans and Boise residents are no strangers to winter weather, and with the recent snow and ice storms throughout the Treasure Valley, the roads have become  quite dangerous in some areas for both experienced and inexperienced winter drivers.

Without fail, each year there are accidents that happen due to the dangerous and irritating habits that contribute to the chaos on Boise's snow-covered roads.

1. One of the most common issues observed is the reluctance of drivers to simply adjust their speed according to the road conditions. Despite clear warnings of black ice and slippery surfaces, some motorists continue to speed and even quickly change lanes, putting themselves and others at risk of accidents.

2. Another similar problem is not slowing down with enough time, consideration, and room to properly make a turn in the snow. Instead, people just keep sliding. Not only does this put other drivers at risk, but also pedestrians, businesses and residences.

Boise - Bad Driver Spotted on Facebook | Karl M.
Boise - Bad Driver Spotted on Facebook | Karl M.

3. Ignoring proper vehicle maintenance for winter conditions is another annoying habit. This oversight can result in unnecessary traffic jams, stranded vehicles, and increased frustration among fellow commuters having to get out of the way.

As the winter weather continues to test Boise's resilience, it is crucial for drivers to exercise caution, adhere to speed limits, and prioritize safety.

Read here for where snow plows go first or keep scrolling for the TOP 10 LEAST-reliable vehicles reported in 2023 and the most annoying driving habits that are guaranteed to give Boise drivers road rage.

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