Seriously, we can’t get enough of this beautiful Spring weather here in Idaho, right? At least, I hope more good weather is around the corner haha!

One thing I really love about this time of year is having more daylight and more beautiful skies, and going on scenic drives and being outside more! One way to get out and enjoy the beautiful state we live in, is to go on scenic drives and take day trips — perfect for a long afternoon or weekend.

Keep scrolling for 3 of the best scenic drives and day trips less than 3 hours from Boise 👇

It's typical for the weather to fluctuate in Idaho, so, here’s your reminder to take this chance to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather while you still can.

Plus, this could be the perfect restart button, or exactly what you need in your life right now. We’re all stuck in our mundane routines, and it’s great to break that every once in a while. What better way to do that than by enjoying the outdoors?

We love our land here in Idaho. Consider going outside and recharging for a little while. Go hiking, check out the forests and parks, try some new hot springs you've never been to before etc.

Keep scrolling for 3 of the best scenic drives and day trips less than 3 hours from Boise and more 👇

These places are perfect for driving and taking in the views, hiking, backcountry adventures, taking pictures, and of course, creating new and exciting memories and experiences etc.

Also continue scrolling for some photos of All 9 National Forests in Idaho—enjoy! :)

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