What are the highest paying school districts in Idaho? Where in Idaho do you think teachers have the highest salaries? Interestingly enough, there are quite a few Boise area school districts that have made the list of Idaho's highest-paying school districts — that full list below 👇

And apparently today is actually National Teachers’ Day! That means it's a day to honor and appreciate those who have taught us, and express gratitude and thanks to those who are currently teaching etc. National Today says...

"Everyone has had that favorite teacher that has helped inspire them. This day meant to honor them was actually made by a teacher. None other than First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt herself. Eleanor Roosevelt was more than Franklin D. Roosevelt’s wife, she has a history of civic duty and was an advocate for fellow teachers."

Unfortunately, teaching hasn't gotten any easier, though, and it's actually one of the most fluid and fluctuating careers in the country — with a lot of movement in turnover and in pay — even here in Idaho in recent years. However, it sounds like Idaho teachers are starting to get paid more.

It's been reported by multiple outlets that Idaho teacher salaries are hitting higher averages than ever before, and the current average teacher salary in Idaho $53,100. However, there are an admirable number of districts that pay well-above the averages. Among these higher-paying districts, 7 of them are charter schools and 3 of them are school districts.

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