Growing up, Cops was one of our favorite shows to watch. If you ever caught an episode, there's a good chance you got to see at least one chase per episode. Most of these would begin behind the wheel before officers would have to make the pursuit on foot.

The danger of high-speed chases

As entertaining as it was to throw a Tombstone pizza into the oven and enjoy an episode of Cops, high-speed chases are extremely dangerous and could turn fatal quickly.

While there's a good sense of appreciation for our law enforcement in the Treasure Valley, not many of us realize the risk that these heroes take every single day. If a suspect flees, it is their duty to chase them down and bring them into custody as safely as possible.

However, many things could go wrong and turn the situation deadly within seconds. Whether it's pedestrians at risk of getting hit or law-abiding drivers getting taken out by a speeding suspect, one small mistake can lead to many other dangerous... or deadly scenarios.

 Idaho's deadliest pursuits

We searched far and wide for some of the deadliest pursuits that have ever taken place in Idaho. The videos we came across are downright terrifying and in one of them, we see a driver get ejected and thrown into the air. Don't worry - the driver/suspect was clearly feeling the effects of adrenaline and still attempted to run away.

Let's take a look at some of the most deadly high-speed chases to ever have taken place in Idaho.

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