The world of shopping continues to change and evolve. Self-checkout has been one of the primary topics of conversation and now, "checking in" is a whole other conversation.

So much so that a new concept is being tested at Costco stores in Washington.

"Time to crack do- er.., we mean check-in!"

Sharing of memberships isn't a new concept. There was a time when one Netflix account was enough for a group of friends because everyone had the login information. Thanks to the growing trend, Netflix implemented a limit on the number of devices that you can have on an account.

According to MacroTrends, Netflix's annual profits are right around $12.93 BILLION. There is no question that the move to limit account sharing resulted in additional millions (if not billions) of dollars more for the company.

Now, we're seeing a similar approach with the wholesale giant Costco.

A change is being tested in Washington

Currently, when you enter a Costco in Idaho, you are required to show your membership card to an employee and in some cases with a photo ID. But, just like Netflix, people have been sharing their cards with others and it's become enough of a problem for Costco to crack down.

According to a report from CNN, Costco is testing a way of letting people into their stores in the state of Washington. Before, customers would present their membership card to an employee to get in, whereas now they have to physically scan their cards to get into the store.

According to their business profile, Costco has 129.5 million cardholders in 72 million households. One can only imagine how many memberships have been shared over the years and how much money they have lost.

People appear to be divided about the change in Washington and even more people are wondering if the change will be implemented in Costco stores across America.. including Idaho.

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