Hundreds of random train cars show up in a small town in California, and no one knows who sent them.

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Near Oakdale, CA

California ranchers are worried about that, which seems totally fair given the recent events in our country — trains showing up in random small towns with "unknown substances" and "toxic chemicals."

You've probably heard about the train situation in East Palestine, Ohio... but if you haven't, here's a quick recap: Basically, trains full of toxic chemicals (including vinyl chloride) showed up in the town and were somehow derailed, and then the trains were set to fire — releasing toxic chemicals into the town and killing livestock and destroying crops etc.

And it isn't just Ohio. Here's a recent incident in Nebraska 👇


And let's not forget about the derailed trains with toxic chemicals in Houston, TX, Tucson, AZ, and Detroit, MI — not to mention the multi-acre fire at a nursery plant warehouse in Kissimmee, FL, releasing even more toxic chemicals into the air.

So, there are a lot of "derailed train" incidents across the country, and the ranchers in California have every right to be worried about this random train showing up.

Isn't that crazy? I remember a time when people saw trains and thought nothing of it... now we live in a time where you can never be too sure, and Americans everywhere are worried about the trains in their towns.

And these "derailments" keep happening in places that supply our country with so much! (We know a little about that here in Idaho, don't we?) But it isn't just Idaho...

The Central Valley of California supplies a lot of the country’s meat, almonds, walnuts, eggs, and dairy etc. There's a bunch of land and livestock, and it could be drastically impacted if this is another situation like East Palestine's — so, let's hope it's not!

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