Boise, Idaho — Tonight, January 23rd, 2023, the Boise Police Department and the Meridian Police Department are responding to an officer involved shooting on Fairview and Records.

Officials are advising for drivers to avoid the area.

"Boise Police and Meridian Police are on scene of an officer involved shooting on Fairview and Records. Drivers are urged to avoid the area." - Boise Police Department

Here is the official Tweet from the Boise Police Department:

As you can see, the police are recommending to avoid that area. They are making live updates to the situation on that Twitter thread, as they have already responded with a few updates.

"The scene is secure and more information will be available as soon as possible." - Boise Police Department

We hope the best for the officers involved. It seems as though we've seen more and more police officer-involved shootings in the area, and that's concerning. We need to keep Boise a safe place to live!

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