2024 has been a crazy year, hasn't it? From crazy trends like the Stanley Cup craze to artificial intelligence to Taylor Swift's name being uttered every 5 seconds, it's a different time.

A lot of people wish things could "go back to the way they were" and not that far back... but back to the 1980s.

Big hair, roller skates, and no cell phones

Seriously, haven't cell phones ruined everything? Think about it - one of the most popular ways for younger generations to pass time is to spend it on TikTok.

Can you imagine someone telling you this in the 1980s?

Now, we're not saying everything was better back then. You can go on and on about how much good technology has done for society since then or the advancements of medical science that afford us opportunities that we never had before.

But if you were there, you know there was something special about the 80s... especially in Boise.

We asked people to share with us the top things they miss about the 1980s in Boise and as always, they didn't disappoint.

If you're itching for some nostalgia, we've got it for you.

Let's go back and relive the glory days of the Treasure Valley together with seven things that prove 1980s Boise was it.

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Shoot, speaking of nostalgia... do you remember your first job? Was it in Idaho?

Some of us worked at grocery stores and couldn't wait to get that first $70 paycheck for all that part-time work we did.

What was the minimum wage the year you were born?

The Minimum Wage In Idaho Every Year Since 1938

Here are the minimum wage amounts in Idaho every year since 1938.

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10 Idaho Jobs That Will Never Be Replaced By AI

If you're looking for a secure job that will never be replaced by artificial intelligence, look no further. Here are 10 Idaho jobs that will never be replaced by AI according to the US Career Institute.

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