Would you agree Boise is a safe city? We think so!

In fact, we recently shared the top 5 PROS to living in Boise, and something on the list was that Boise is a clean and safe city. However, Boise rarely (if ever) ranks on Global or Nationwide lists for being a safe city. Absurd.

There was a recent study from Far & Wide and The Economist Intelligence Unit that ranks the 25 safest cities in the world... and let’s just say I could barely stomach what I was reading.

Keep scrolling for 6 U.S. cities (on their list) that are not only safer than Boise, but apparently some of the safest cities in the world 👇

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It’s pretty typical for Utah to make these kinds of lists, and then I write articles advocating for Idaho haha!

But, in this case, I can think of LOTS of cities that would be better picks for a list like this. L.A. and San Francisco? Are you kidding me? There’s absolutely no way those are the safest places to live or even visit. Chicago is on the list, too, and that just doesn’t make any sense. But apparently experts are saying these are included in the top 25 safest cities in the world, which I guess would make them safer than Boise.

Keep scrolling for a list of 6 U.S. Cities That Are Apparently Safer Than Boise, and also to see if you live in one of the Treasure Valley's 3 Most Dangerous Citites👇

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