It used to be that we all agreed "the internet is wild" but these days it seems all of the unpredictable craziness we come across on the web is social media. As the famous saying goes: "You never know what you're going to get."

Be careful what you ask for...

In the spirit of looking for a fun and light-hearted interaction on our social page, we asked people to "fill in the blank" - a classic, right? Our phrase was:

"People in Boise need to _____"

Now, hindsight is 20/20, and thinking about it now, we know that's just inviting a whole mess of feedback that may not be all that positive. But at the time? We thought we would get some suggestions of places to visit, do, or maybe even the occasional sarcastic remark here and there.

What we got was brutally honest requests from people who have "had it up to here."

Here are their responses...

11 Brutally Honest Requests From The People Of Boise

We asked locals to share what they want people to stop doing, here are their 11 brutally honest requests...

Now, none of these requests mean that everyone in Boise is perfect. We would like to think we are but we know for sure that we can't make everyone happy. A lot of people are okay with that too - don't let the door hit you on the way out.

But with that being said, people have their own reviews of Boise and they're not all positive. We found some of the most savage reviews of Boise that will make you facepalm. Here's what we found...

10 Savage Reviews of Boise That Will Make You Facepalm

We stumbled across some scathing reviews of Boise from former residents who no longer call the Treasure Valley home. What side of the bed did these people wake up on?

At least we can say that Boise is among the best destinations in Idaho for people to visit. There are though, some places in the Treasure Valley that people go out of their way to avoid. We asked locals which places they were told to avoid going and while some of them we could understand... others just didn't make sense.

The Top Places People Avoid Visiting in Boise And The Treasure Valley

We asked people to share which places in the Treasure Valley they were told to avoid, here are their responses...

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