Cher has reportedly been uninvited to son Chaz Bono's upcoming wedding to girlfriend Shara Blue Mathes.

According to In Touch Weekly, Bono decided to uninvite his mother from the upcoming festivities due to her "theatrics."

"Chaz and Shara are removing Cher from the guest list entirely and don't feel too bad about it either. They want a simple ceremony with none of Cher's theatrics," a source told the outlet.

"Cher has tried to be there for her kids. But neither wants anything to do with her. It's devastating," the source added, referring to Cher's other son Elijah Allman, who also has a strained relationship with his mother.

Bono reportedly became frustrated with the "Believe" singer as she tried to "meddle and micromanage his wedding plans."

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Apparently, things are tense between Cher and Mathes, too.

"He reasons if Cher doesn't have anything nice to say about Shara, then don't say anything at all," a source continued, per Yahoo! News.

"Cher has put her kids through half a century of drama, and now all they want is for her to go away. They don't want her meddling, and they don't want or need her money," the source said.

The insider also claims Cher's sons had some harsh words for their mother, including that she's a "hypocrite," a "terrible mother" and a "horrible influence" who has "no business controlling their lives when she can't even manage her own life."

Cher and her son Elijah recently made headlines after the singer failed to gain conservatorship over her son's finances.

Cher reportedly objected to Elijah reconciling with his wife, Marieangela King, and was seeking control of Elijah's finances due to his reported struggles with addiction and substance use, as well as "mental and physical health issues."

According to The Mirror, Cher's pursuit for conservatorship over Elijah was denied.

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