This whole moving thing has made me realize a number of truths and get honest about them along the way.  I keep way too much stuff around thinking I'll use it or sell it, but others could benefit.

So, I want to change this.  I want to buy less, but if I do have extra stuff, not think I'm going to sell it or hang to it "just in case," but instead pass it along so someone else can put it to good use.

Connell - Charity Van Video

Cleaning out my house after four years, I've definitely held on to way too much stuff.  We started a corner of the living room that was the "charity section," then "charity pile," and finally "charity zone."

Jeff Connell - Townsquare Media Boise
Jeff Connell - Townsquare Media Boise

We filled the entire back of UHaul rental van and took that load and a smaller second one to Goodwill, and I was going through some of the items with the Goodwill employee, he was asking "why don't you sell this instead of giving it to us."

With most items I had tried in Facebook Marketplace recently, but the truth was I had planned to a garage sale, craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, whatever, and never gotten to it.  So my new rule at the new house is if I've had it sitting for 90 days with no success in selling or finding a new purpose, then it goes to charity then and there.

I'll report back and see if this works as well as it seems on paper.


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