As I'm writing this, it's Tuesday night, June 30th and for the last 5 nights my neighbors have been setting fireworks off, sometimes after midnight. Maybe I'm getting old and lame but this is insane!

For the record, I'm not raining on anyone's freedom. In fact, I'm a fireworks guy. I love em'. It's a blast. Get it? But I also wake up ridiculously early for work and I have dogs that HATE fireworks. I have one dog that literally has been treated for anxiety and I have meds to give him when he gets too worked up.

Now, I can plan ahead for the 4th of July. I know that's gonna be a rough night for the dogs so I give him his anxiety meds early on and try and make sure they're comfortable. But here in my little Meridian community, this started on the 26th! I know fireworks are fun, but do you really wanna blow your load before the 4th?

I'm 100% aware that I'm being a total wet blanket, but have some common decency and respect for your neighbors?

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