Hazardous Waste

The City of Boise's Public Works commission classifies hazardous household waste products as those "that can harm human health and the environment." This is why properly disposing of hazardous materials is such serious business.

It's common knowledge that chemicals such as solvents, paint, stain, and varnish are among the most toxic products kept on-hand in single family residences.

A Threat to Human Health

Chemicals formulated for lawn and vegetation purposes seem to be less known threats. Certain yard and garden products such as pesticides and herbicides can wreak havoc on human and animal health. If misused or improperly disposed, pesticides and herbicides can cause significant health issues.

In 2009, researchers studied the effects of Roundup on human health. According to Scientific American, the scientists discovered a chemical in the top-selling weed killer was capable of suffocating human cells when tested.

Used in yards, farms and parks throughout the world, Roundup has long been a top-selling weed killer. But now researchers have found that one of Roundup’s inert ingredients can kill human cells, particularly embryonic, placental and umbilical cord cells.—Scientific American

Breaking Bad Disposal Habits

Back in 2005, the Centers for Disease Control analyzed the effects of hazardous waste on human health and the environment. While their research focused on four states, we'll recap the Washington findings for a more local perspective.

It was 2002 when hydrochloric acid from a meth lab was carelessly discarded into a community dumpster. Not long after, a city sanitation worker on a collection detail "sustained respiratory irritation when the acid was dumped into the back of his truck."

The issue was significant enough to involve law enforcement, the fire department, EMT's, and an environmental agency.

What Have We Learned, Class?

Thankfully, average people need not worry about the safe disposal of meth ingredients. All the same, when getting ride of industrial products, solvents, paints, disinfectants, and fertilizers, think twice before you toss!

Photo by Etienne Girardet on Unsplash
Photo by Etienne Girardet on Unsplash

The Stuff You Can Toss

For clear information on the stuff you can safely toss in your household garbage, visit the Curb It Digital Sorting Guide by the Public Work's commission!

Photo Credit: Canva Images
Photo Credit: Canva Images

Scroll on for the list of 23 things you can't put in the regular trash in Idaho!

Whoops! 😳 It's Illegal to Throw Out these 23 Things in Idaho

💡 Know Better, Do Better

  • ⚠️ When ridding your residence of industrial products, solvents, paints, disinfectants, and fertilizers, there's more to know than most realize!

  • ☠️ Hazardous products are signaled by the following words/phrases: caution - danger - poison - warning - corrosive - flammable - explosive - oxidizer - irritant - environmental hazard.

  • 🌳 The City of Boise Public Works commission oversees the disposal of chemicals that threaten human health and the environment.

  • 🤳🏽 Help keep your community safe! Scroll on for a list of 13 products Idahoans are banned from tossing into residential dumpsters.

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