Hundreds of thousands of people will be hitting the road to make their way into the path of totality for the upcoming eclipse.

The Idaho Transportation Department is working hard to make travel planning and traffic concerns much easier.

They’ve placed around 20 traffic counters along interstates and highways that will allow them to get a count of how many cars are going into a specific area. Then, they’ll make that information available to the public, HERE.

No matter which major roads you are taking or which direction you are going, you can check and see ahead of time what that looks like.

ITD will start gathering the data tomorrow and will post it once or twice a day until Monday. On Monday, the day of the eclipse, the information will be updated hourly.

The moral of the story is, PLAN AHEAD!!

AAA says they’re expecting 6,000 roadside issues a day, like flat tires, between Idaho and Oregon.

Be safe out there and be prepared!


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