Who would have ever thought that downloading a simple music streaming app could get you so much? Well...duh...we did!!!

Mix 106 is sliding into the Summer of great Concerts around the North West. Most notably this Thursday (7/13) when Train makes it was back to the Treasure Valley at the Idaho Amphitheatre in Nampa. So how would you like to see Pat and the conductors of Train...(too much?) for FREE! And we aren't done...Saturday Maroon 5 is bringing the party to Pendelton for the Pendelton Whiskey Festival. This sold out party is one of the hottest tickets of the Summer...and we've got the last few passes just sitting here waiting for you. So how do you get your hands on this winning pair? Watch the video below for your way in!

So who's down? Well, all you have to do is download the NEW #MIX106App to win. Oh did we forget to mention there may be some front and second-row passes to Train, and possibly some extra goodies later on this week? Let's do it, share it with your friends, tell your family, heck completely ignore your boss the next time he or she is trying to talk to you at work, just by downloading the new app.

It really does PAY TO HAVE THE MIX 106 APP. Click HERE to get all the info you need to get streaming and connected with us no matter where you are. -JD

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