One of the worst parts of winter is your skin losing it's warm bronzed glow because the sun's been hiding forever. The last few weeks we've had glimpses of sun, but nothing lay out worthy. I saw an Instagram post alleging we are in the part of the year Idahoans call Spring Deception, which comes before Third Winter, so I'm not hopeful that setting up tanning camp in the backyard is around the corner. But vanity and science had a baby called spray tanning, so there's hope after all!

Island Glow in Eagle offers custom organic spray tans. Each tan is tailored to the client's desired results and skin type. The website offers detailed prep and after care instructions along with a gallery where you can see client results before taking the plunge (spray) yourself.

This week in honor of all things love, Island Glow has set up a giveaway on Instagram for a lucky winner to take home a $100 gift card to their establishment. To enter you must:
- Follow @islandglowspraytans
- Like the giveaway post
- Comment the post, tagging friends, lovers, and family members
You'll receive a bonus entry for letting them know on which service you'll use the gift card and another extra entry for sharing the giveaway post on your Instagram stories.

In addition to spray tanning, they also offer teeth whitening, loungewear, bags, and essentials oils. Plenty of things to make that $100 disappear! The winner will be announced Saturday, February 13th, 2021 (That's Galentine's Day!)

Pro Tip: A tan automatically makes your teeth look whiter. Kill two birds with one stone by spending the gift card on tanning.

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