We live in fast paced world. The lifestyle of hurry up and go has become the norm. So why should getting your food be any different? Well, there is an APP for that. 

After scowling the Twitterverse I kept seeing tweets about #UberEATS. The company responsible picking you up via an app from your phone has shifted its focus to not only getting you to and fro but now getting you our food when you just don't feel like going out. If the rumors are true, this new service could be coming to the Treasure Valley soon.

UberEATS is currently servicing over 100 cities around the world, and adding the City of Tree's to the list is just another added bonus. There are many other apps that offer a similar version of the new delivery trend like Grub Hub and our friends over at Cafe Courier.

So if you are in Downtown Boise slaving away at the Zion Bank Building and can't break away, UberEATS will deliver. Soon you can schedule that delivery of healthy eats after that hard work out this morning. It's as simple as Crave, Tap and Enjoy! Sounds like a pretty perfect match right. It's coming soon!

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