Ding-Dong Ditch: when it started

According to the highly reputable site, Professional Moron, Ding Dong Ditch, or Knock-Knock, Ginger as it's affectionately known across the pond, is a prank-like game dating back to 19th century England. In neighborhoods across America, it's a time-honored rite of passage older than the hills on our great-grandmothers' chests.

Is Ding-Dong Ditching Considered a Crime?

In Idaho, nope! It could, however, lead to potential to legal issues if you damage someone's property or go to extraordinary lengths to disrupt their peace. But since we wouldn't dream of kicking a lawn gnome or ding-dong ditching the same HOA-snitch more than once (or twice) we think it's high time Boise adults got down with some old-school fun!

Ding-Dong Ditch Refresher Course for Grown-Ups

Despite what it says on the box, Trix isn't just for kids, and neither is ding-dong ditch! If you're ready to raise some cane and relive the glory days, add a rousing game of ding-dong ditch to your summer bucket list! (And yes, you can totally use your golf cart as a getaway car!)

Let's play!

  1. Rally a group of your stealthiest Idahomies. This isn't an exercise in inclusion; the fewer, the better. The ideal recruit is free of lower-body orthopedic injuries. They probably have a membership at Orange Theory or a box gym, and they're skilled at evading Ring cams.
  2. Pro-tip: rage is righteous fuel. Seek recruits who have a current or an on-going beef with the HOA. Start with neighbors who recently painted their homes or had a shed addition proposal rejected.
  3. Zero in on the target. Like a shot group at the range, you want to keep the operation tight. Aim small, miss small. Remember, the bigger the property, the harder it is to escape. You're striving for a ding-dong-to-curb turnaround time of 20 seconds or less.
  4. Plan your egress route. Knowing your out is even more important than knowing your in. Account for problematic landscaping like koi ponds and rogue sprinkler heads. Plan ahead for dogs and the target's offspring, and keep your head on a swivel for nosey Debbie-downer neighbors.

God speed, friends. God speed.

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