This is the view I look at typically once a week.  It's my therapist's office, and it's a place that has come to be very important and helpful to me.  I haven't been the last week, and I notice the difference.

This is the second week in the last month that I've had to miss my standing weekly appointment.  I was talking to a friend who wasn't able to go this week either, and we were both a little disappointed to miss out.

I notice the difference.  I actually look forward to the weekly check-in, reset, and insights.

In fact, it's a funny thing about therapy  If you've had the chance to do it before, you probably started off at least a little bit resistant or skeptical.  You get to your first appointment expecting something you might have seen on tv or movies.

Instead, you go through some background and start the process of establishing rapport and trust with your therapist.  After a few more appointments they become more than just your provider, but also your advocate, and in some ways coach to help you find a better version of yourself.

I've been going to my therapist for two years.  I made the decision after I struggled to engage in a relationship opportunity that seemed to have so much that was right.  Something in me wasn't ready to be truly engaged, present, and vulnerable in that situation, and I let it go.

A couple of years later, I'm still a big work in progress, but I have noticed the changes in me.  I'm much more able to share my feelings and emotions.  I'm excited (though also nervous) about putting myself out there and risking that someone who I have deep feelings for could choose to go the other way because instead of focusing only on what I might lose, I've learned to see what also could be gained.

Therapy doesn't fix everything with the quick snap of our fingers, but it does help us learn about ourselves, how to work through the tough spots more effectively, and then open up to the potential great things more completely.

I'm grateful for it.  I missed it this week.  I'll be excited to get back in that chair next week.

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