This was the scene on my dashboard as I drove home last night.  What started with 10 miles until empty moved to this, all because I'm cheap. 

As I left the office, I did a quick calculation.  Could I make it from Parkcenter to Fred Meyer before my engine had no more life?  Maybe.  Was it worth it?  Heck yes, because I had Fred Meyer Fuel Points to use.

I have a compulsion to save money, so much so that the risk of running out of gas was more profound than the risk of filling - even a few gallons - without the discount.  I get the insanity.

I have a few other quirks that come with being cheap.  I use Priceline almost every time I need to book a hotel or rent a car (and have saved thousands over the years), I'll buy slightly damaged furniture on clearance and do some minor repairs instead of full-price, and I still have some clothes I bought in college that I wear regularly.

Do you have cheap compulsions too?  Are you as quirky as I am with saving money?  What are your special savings tricks?

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