I fully don't believe that tater tots should be considered fries. Mostly because they just aren't. Actual fry types: standard, steak, shoestring, waffle, crinkle-cut, curly, sweet potato, and even wedge (which is pushing it). Tater tots are a different animal, but they are so delicious I'm not surprised Idaho voted them as its favorite fry type. Tot lovers rejoice, the Tater Tot Festival is coming to a town near you!

Unfortunately it's not in Idaho. You'd think a potato themed festival would take place in the land of potatoes. Points for not being predictable though. The carb celebration takes place in Ontario, OR on September 17th, 2021. Two and a half hours of all things tater tots. I do think that's a little short to be considered a festival, but I guess how much time do you really need for such a thing?

There will be "tater-inspired" foods along with carnival games and competitions. If there isn't a potato sack race I think the whole thing is a bust, but that's just me. There'll so be live music. Lost opportunity if there aren't cover bands like "Sliptot," "Match Tots Twenty," and "Toto" (pronounced with the short "o" sound). Ok, admittedly these aren't great names, but still.

Admission is free, so you'll just have to pay for whatever yummy foods you want and anything you get from the various vendors. Oh yeah, there are vendors too! Follow along on their Facebook page for updates and pics of mouth watering tots. Cheesy bacon tots, anyone?

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