There is no doubt that we have a much deeper connection with Aaron Paul from the Breaking Bad Series. Aaron is from here and loves to shower Idaho with love.

We can probably agree that his hit series along with other shows including Emmy Awards has made him a household name. I never thought his success would end up in chemistry books. Well, it did.


Aaron Paul Brings Breaking Bad Back

I've heard that sometimes you need to be creative in order to catch someone's attention regarding something they don't want to do. For instance, "Son, here's some ice cream if you clean your room?" Let's not assume I've ever done that before, c'mon.

Reddit seems to be having fun with a Breaking Bad cameo on the cover of a chemistry book in Sri Lanka. You can see Jesse Pinkman holding up something and possibly mixing his character's concoction.

"This chemistry book from Sri Lanka has Jesse Pinkman on the cover" That's was someone posted that has gained over 6,700 upvotes since being posted early this week.

"Who says it was an accident?" coming from one Reddit user. The replies continue to come through. "It probably got a lot of people interested in chemistry. Science vs Applied Science. My life is complete now, thank you." Those are just a few comments being posted. "And that is what we call a chemical reaction, Bitch!" I guess we should have seen that comment coming through.

I haven't seen any comments from Aaron or Breaking Bad, but I'm sure this isn't the first time. Breaking Bad was on for 5 seasons and racked up 15 Emmy Awards in which Aaron several.


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