Mountain Home, Idaho. Andre "Harry" Thomas, was the13-month-old son of Starla Thomas. On the evening of Apr. 26, 2003, Thomas had accepted an invitation to watch an NBA playoff game at a male friend's home.

After the game ended and the other guests had gone home, Thomas, with little Harry in tow, decided to stay the night; a choice that would later haunt the young mother.

Parenting Under the Influence

Before turning in just after 11 p.m., police confirmed Thomas and her friend had smoked marijuana and downed several beers. Under the influence and aware of her friend's wolf-dog, Thomas then situated her toddler on the couch in her friend's family room.

A Devastating Discovery

It was just passed 3 a.m. when Thomas' friend awoke to use the restroom and discovered little Harry on the family room floor. The adult male immediately phoned 911 and performed CPR on the toddler until paramedics had arrived.

Upon reaching a Boise-area hospital, 13-month-old Harry was pronounced dead on arrival.

Death by 100 Nibbles

The cause of death was attributed to a bite the toddler had sustained to the jugular vein. Even more horrifying, the Ada County coroner confirmed "the child had suffered over 100 'nip-like' bites from the hybrid animal, which was described as 90 percent wolf, 10 percent dog." Baby Harry had been nibbled to death.

Despite the child's mutilated state, Thomas and her male friend heard no struggle, growling, or crying coming from the family room.

While it's difficult to believe that Thomas and friend's drunk and high state had nothing to do with Harry's death, the Boise Police Department's Child Abuse Unit did not file charges against the two.

Little Harry was laid to rest at Mountain View Cemetery on Apr. 30, 2003. 

Idaho Fish & Game's Restricted Pet List

Wolf-dogs are featured on Idaho Fish and Game's restricted pet list.

Regulated for the protection of human life, Idaho Fish and Game requires Idahoans to obtain a wolf-dog license prior to adopting one. Doing so ensures citizens are adopting domesticated wolves, not wild ones.

Upon inspection, if a wolf-dog fails to demonstrate the characteristics of a domesticated, adaptable dog, Idaho Fish and Game reserves the right to refuse issuing the license.

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