Treasure Valley, Idaho. Forget coffee for a second. The best part of waking up is sharing the road with people who know how to drive. Day after day, I deal with the same $#!+ on my morning drive, and it's time I break my silence.

Ya'll Are Running in More Circles Than Post Malone

We couldn't turn around
'Til we were upside down
I'll be the bad guy now
But, no, I ain't too proud
I couldn't be there
Even when I tried
You don't believe it
We do this every time
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame 'cause we can't let it go
Run away, but we're running in circles
Run away, run away —Circles

Sound familiar? It should. For reasons that continue to mystify me, roundabouts transform a bunch of ya'll into Post Malone [LOL].

But why?! Help me understand. Is it entering a roundabout that throws you off? Is it the exit? Fear?!

To be fair, my comfort with roundabouts comes from living in Germany for four years during my husband's time there for the Army. I admit that in the beginning it was awkward and scary, but if I was going to survive traffic in Frankfurt, there was no other choice but to learn how to use the circular juncture.

Idaho isn't Germany, duh. But roundabouts are the new reality in the Gem State. Ipso-facto, Idahoans need to figure it out.

Watch this 47-second video of Kentucky roundabout fails for an idea of what Idaho's struggle looks like! 

Then scroll for the only two roundabout tips you'll ever need! 

The Keys to the Roundabout Kingdom

Allow to me spare you a lifetime's worth of anxiety behind the wheel. What I'm about to share will boost your confidence and abilities with any roundabout you encounter anywhere in the world. It won't matter how busy the circular junction is, you'll be able to handle it.

Sending the Right Signals

  • Signal In. Let other drivers know you're ready to enter the roundabout by signaling. They'll yield, giving you the right of way.
  • Signal Out. Same thing. Let other drivers know you're ready to leave the roundabout just before you get to your exit.

It's all about communication, folks. Signal in. Signal out. Do it to boost your driving confidence. Do it for a better Idaho. Hell, do it for Post Malone. But for the love of God, just do it!

For official information on how to handle roundabouts in Idaho, click here

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