I love a good debate over pointless things that don't really matter but will make you judge someone for not thinking the way you do. Emphasis on pointless. Political debates are not loved. I'm talking about things like does pineapple go on pizza or how long you should wait to text someone after they've given you their number. For the record, my answers to this are "sure" and "a day." We asked listeners to weigh in on the toothbrush preparation debate.

How do you prepare your toothbrush before sticking it in your mouth to clean your filthy teeth? The following was posed as the proper way:

Wet toothbrush.
Add toothpaste.
Wet toothbrush.

Then you start brushing. Responses flooded in immediately with several in agreement. Some found the second wetting of the toothbrush unnecessary. But most everyone was in agreement water should be hitting the toothbrush. But then I learned that monsters walk amongst us here in the Treasure Valley. Monsters whose oral hygiene is questionable after the egregious suggestion they made regarding this topic:

Add toothpaste to a dry toothbrush and pop it in your mouth. Umm, what? How on earth is that acceptable to anyone? That can't feel clean. But in order to be an unbiased researcher, I tried this method. It was foul and didn't leave my mouth feeling fresh. So I guess some Idahoans wake up and choose violence every morning when they wake up and every night before bed. I'm concerned for the population. But I also think this is a great idea for a new dating site.

Where do you land on this debate?

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