Growing up I always felt really cool that I can speak two languages. As a first generation Cuban American I first learned Spanish in my household and later learned English when I started school. It’s proved invaluable in my life both personally and professionally. Throughout the years my monolingual friends have often expressed the desire to learn a second language and while I’m partial to Spanish, I think American Sign Language is an excellent choice and I’d love to add that as a language in my arsenal.

Idaho is home to more than 200,000 people who are deaf or hard of hearing, so being able to communicate in ASL is a great skill to have. And now there’s a masterclass being offered to start you on that path.

Normally a class like this would run you $99 but has a special on Cudoo’s Complete 2021 American Sign Language Master Class Bundle for just $19.99. The course is 53 lectures totaling 75 hours of learning beginner to advanced sign language to “connect better with your deaf partner, parent, friend, or colleague.” In addition the classes also teach baby sign language, which helps in children's language development whether or not they are deaf or hard of hearing.

While this won’t make you an expert, it’s a practical and affordable way to start learning. If you find you have a passion for it and would like to pursue ASL further, Idaho State University offers degrees in Sign Language Studies and Sign Language Interpreting. Click here to learn more! Happy learning!


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