There are several things we stop using during the pandemic due to financial reasons. I feel like we used door delivery more because it was safer and definitely got rid of all these subscriptions on our phones.

Broadband is one thing that was difficult to give up because we use it for so many things in our house. That price added up. There is an Emergency Broadband Benefit Program that was just announced and you could receive $50 off your monthly bill.

Staying connected was the thing during the pandemic as we zoomed, Microsoft team meetings, and used Facetime more than ever. It's the only way we could communicate visually. Well, it's better late than never. The Emergency Benefit Program is backed by the Federal Communications Commission. Here's what you can receive.

  • Up to $50 per month discount on broadband service.
  • Up to $75 per month discount for household qualifying Tribal lands.
  • One-time discounts for up to $100 for laptop, tablet, or desktop computer. (that is with co-payment of more than $10 but less than $50)

You can begin applying for these discounts starting this week, but the program will end when the allotment of funds for this benefit program runs out or six months after the Department of Health and Human Services announces the end to a COVID-19 health emergency.  You can only apply for one monthly service discount/one device discount per household. This means it's important if want to receive this discount to apply immediately.

How to apply:

  • Follow the link and click to see if your family is eligible.
  • Apply for Emergency Broadband Benefit.
  • Find Broadband Provider that offers Emergency Broadband Benefit discounts.


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