It's become a pretty standard situation as you drive the major highways in Idaho.  There's one speed limit for cars, and a slower one for trucks.  Soon, that could change.

Idaho's House Transportation Chairman, Joe Palmer (Republican of Meridian) has proposed new legislation to repeal the lower speed limits for commercial trucks that are currently in place on highways and interstates across the Gem State.

He says this change would end confusion that comes with the dual-limits, and noted that Idaho is one of a handful of states that maintains the two separate requirements.

The proposal has moved forward for a full hearing to allow questions and debate about the merits.

At the moment, the likely outcome would be that trucks would be allowed to travel at 80 miles per hour just as cars do, as opposed to bring the limit cars travel down to the current truck limits.

A couple notes about current limits that are worth being remind of.  80 miles per hour on rural interstates is common, but 65 is still usually top in urban areas.  Lawmakers did approve a 15 mile per hour over speed limit level for passing on two-lane roads.

You can see more about the proposal and current regulations in the Spokesman-Review.

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