Wanderlust has never been so real! People are literally dreaming and creating Pinterest boards about the first vacation they'll take once COVID restrictions go away. Thanks to a report from the vacation rental service, HomeToGo we can tell exactly which destinations people have been wanderlusting over the most; Maldives, Bali, the Virgin Islands, and Priest Lake, Idaho to name a few of them.

Yes, that's right! One of the most desired destinations in all of the world for summer 2021 is right here in Idaho. Search data identified the top 10 travel destinations that are likely to be popular this summer if the pandemic and restrictions let up. Half of those destinations were international hotspots located in Asia, North America and the Caribbean. The other half were in the United States (one a U.S. territory) one of which being Priest Lake, Idaho.

Search trends showed a 560.6% increase in interest of Priest Lake, Idaho. Priest Lake  is also known as "Idaho's Crown Jewel." According to Visitnorthidaho.com, this year-round family and adventure vacation destination is "unspoiled, uncrowded and unhurried." Sandy beaches and mountains make up the area's breathtaking landscape. There's also an endless list of outdoor and wilderness activities to do there such as boating, fishing, camping, snowmobiling, hunting, and cross-country skiing. The average length of a stay is around 6.1 days on average and the median costs per night is $344.40, according to HomeToGo’s data.

Priest Lake came in at number 10 on the list. Aruba was number 1 as the most searched destination in the last year with an annual search trend of 5,854.8%.While Idahoans may be wondarlusting over places a liiitle further away, it's still pretty cool to know that travelers all over are taking note of Idaho's natural beauty and charm and that one of the world's most desired travel destinations is right in our backyard.

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