There is pretty much only one dessert I can make without completely burning down our house, ice cream sundae. Give me chocolate ice cream, some chocolate syrup, nuts, and whip cream. Done.

This 12-year old Idahoan superstar has you beat and didn't win the school cooking contest. Keaton Ashton just won the Food Network "Kids Baking Championship."

Keaton might just be the most popular person living in Sugar City with a population of just under 1,500. I think it's safe to say he'll be giving the key to the city, marshall in the parade, and maybe a sign.

After the first few bakes, I honestly thought he was doing to do pretty good because he was handling the pressure really well. He was managing his time really well and that is a huge key thing in doing that show because everything is very timed, If you run out of time, your bakes are not going to be good.

That is Keaton's mom, Michelle Ashton who spoke with Keaton went against 11 competitors from all over the country and came in first place. The 12-year old baking star won $25,000 and became the Food Network's "Kid Baking Championship" winner.

I try to remember all the great things I did at 12-years old and I just came up empty. I wrecked my mom's brand new car at age 16, but that's for another time. Keaton spent almost 3 months in California and it paid off.

Keaton's mom said he didn't learn it from here because she doesn't bake.

It feels amazing. I've been keeping it a secret since the summer and it feels good now that everybody knows.

Congratulations Keaton! Oh, would you follow me back on Instagram bro? I keep messaging you. Honestly though, thanks for making us Idahoans proud out here in Boise.


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