Did you know an Idaho law existed that says we can't drink while watching racy movies?  It's for real.

And with the popularity of 50 Shades of Grey, the law is being enforced.  And any theater that violates the alcohol ban could face a $300 fine, a suspended liquor license, or even end up in jail.

The Idaho Statesman ran an article recapping the law, which bans booze during the showing of any film that depicts a list of racy things.

The law is making national headlines now, and it may be revisited by lawmakers who have heard some loud opinions about it.

Let us know your thoughts on Facebook today, and see the Statesman article HERE. Cinema West has been in touch with the Attorney General's office to see what can be done.  Any thoughts?

My best girlfriend Abbi and I saw the movie a few weeks ago and went out for drinks after.  Did you want to drink during the movie?