Admittedly I'm not the best driver. It took me 6 tries to obtain my driver's license. I'm not a reckless driver, by any means. My issue is more that I'm trepidatious behind the wheel, which can frustrate drivers around me. I blame nightmares of dying in a car accident fueled by depictions of traffic catastrophes in horror movies. But as it turns out, Idaho roads prove there is much to fear.

This morning Mix106 traffic reported a bizarre situation on the interstate near the Middleton exit 25. Around 6:45am a semi truck lost its trailer but kept driving, leaving it behind to obstruct an entire lane and part of another. Can you imagine being on your morning drive to work and realizing potentially too late that the trailer ahead of you in the lane is not attached to a truck and moving forward. If you manage to swerve in time, the car behind you won't and will slam straight into it, essentially reenacting the car accident in Disturbia.  [[WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT]]

The horror doesn't stop there. Let me remind you of a little movie called Final Destination 2. Brief synopsis: Someone has a premonition of a gruesome way a big group of people dies. They circumvent the premonition, avoiding death. Death feels cheated and the remainder of the movie is every character dying in a freak accident way to make up for cheating it the first time.

The premonition in question begins with a huge lumber hauling truck on the freeway. The chains holding the logs in place breaks, making the logs barrel down into traffic causing a chain of horrific events that kills a slew of people. The sequence is so jarring, I can't help but think of it any time I see a lumber truck. And I'm not alone. This meme makes the rounds regularly on the internet.

Imagine my horror as I was driving on Ten Mile heading toward Ustick STUCK BEHIND A LUMBER TRUCK!

My whole life was flashing before my eyes. But I didn't panic. I very calmly got into the lane next to mine and made my way up to pass it.

And averted danger. Perhaps I was being a bit dramatic, but if you dare to watch the sequence that's inspired the fear you'll understand. [[WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT]]

All I'm saying is to keep your eyes and ears open on these Idaho streets. Don't want to become a real life horror movie.

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