We got rid of the screwworm a few decades ago, but it could be coming back.  Here are the icky details on this thing.

The screwworm that gets its ugly start when a fly lays an egg that penetrates the flesh of livestock, and the worm grows and starts eating flesh.  It can be devastating to entire herds, and Idaho farmers and ranchers are being warned now to watch for it.

The screwworm was eradicated in the 1960s, but it's been found again in the Florida Keys in a stray dog and some deer. The screwworm can wipe out entire herds if it's not monitored, and the Idaho Statesman ran an article last fall on just how gross and bad it can get.

It can not only eat little holes in skin, but the little maggots can devour parts of skulls too.

Ick.  These things can eat human flesh too, but they go for animals first.  Swat flies if you see 'em, hope they keep these things contained to Florida, and we'll keep you updated.


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