The weather over the last week has been frustrating.  The pristine snow has melted enough to leave ice, clouds, rain, and was enough to send my kiddo and me up to Bogus. 

It's easy to forget what a great resource we have just 45 minutes up the road into the mountains.  I have "meant" to get up sooner, but today, we decided we needed a break from the gray and wanted to do a little tubing. 

Connell - CBs Tubing

I was surprised as how clear the road was.  There were only a couple spots with compact snow and ice, the rest was well-plowed and clear.  We made it up just fine, took in some amazing views, and as we popped out of the inversion fog, we enjoyed the incredible Idaho beauty. 

Connell - Bogus Basin Drive 2

We tubed for a couple hours, had a fantastic time for less than $35, and got to enjoy some sunshine!  The trip back down was once again awe inspiring.  The inversion looks like a sea, and as we started to descend towards it, I was so glad we escaped the gray for a couple hours of fun above.

Back to Bogus in the next few days.  I think my snowboard needs to be put back into service.  It's been (quite) a few years.

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