It was the 1970s when Rudi Gerneich, an Austrian-born American fashion designer, revolutionized the swimwear industry with the first thong bikini. Designed to "minimize tan lines and maximize sex appeal," iShine365 blog highlights several reasons women of all ages, ourselves included, love the itty-bitty bikini.

When asked why they prefer thong bikinis, the gals on our team said it came down to fit and function. From water-play to frolicking about on pool decks and beaches, well-made thong bikinis move with you, not against you. Whether you're chasing littles or catching rays over a weekend getaway with the girls, thong bikinis stay in place.

But let's be honest, it's not all about fit and function. Thong bikinis are flattering!

One of the main reasons why thong bikinis are so popular is because they show off your curves! If you have a nice, hourglass figure, then a thong bikini is the perfect way to show it off. The high-cut design of the bottoms accentuates your smooth hips and butt cheeks, while the low-cut top enhances your cleavage. —iShine365

Beyond figure-flattering, a thong bikini is undeniably sexy. Its ability to frame and spotlight feminine assets makes it an evergreen swimwear staple. After all, who wants to look or feel anything less than their best in a crowd of semi-naked people? Not us!

Still, does a woman's right to wear what she wants trump a municipality's stance on bare bottoms? If you live in Idaho, indecent exposure laws are limited to public spaces. According to Chapter 41 Indecency & Obscenity, a citizen who intentionally and lewdly

exposes his or her genitals, in any public place, or in any place where there is present another person or persons who are offended or guilty of a misdemeanor.
As long as a woman conceals her bikini area, Idaho law permits her to wear thong bikinis and even G-string bikinis at public beaches, pools, and splash pads.
On private property, it's a different story. Roaring Springs, the Treasure Valley's premier water park, enforces a "family-friendly atmosphere" where thong bikinis and G-strings aren't allowed. As a private establishment, Roaring Springs reserves the right to ask guests to "cover up or put on a more modest swimsuit." Cheeky swimsuits, however, are permitted as they're made with three or more inches fabric, ensuring adequate coverage of a woman's bikini area.
Should thong bikinis and G-strings be banned at public beaches, pools, or splash pads? Email your opinion to!

Are these bikinis too sexy for Boise?

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