There's nothing like the rare beauty of Idaho's national parks & forests.

You're surrounded by some of the most captivating landscapes in America. Mother Nature's beauty will never disappoint you from one glance to the next.  

National parks and forests are Idaho's most protected playgrounds. In return, they bring locals and visitors peace of mind and serene escapes from everyday life. The adventures are endless: hiking, swimming, spelunking, camping, bouldering--the Gem State's wildest campuses offer something for everyone. 

What makes Idaho's parks and forests so unique?

While it's true every state is home to at least one national park or forest, few can hold a candle to this Pacific Northwest gem.  

Idaho's national parks and forests are so much more than wildlife sanctuaries and havens for crunchy outdoor enthusiasts. Something about being in Idaho's great outdoors makes you celebrate disconnecting from the modern world. The respite and the clarity you find are addictive. The more you do it, the more you want to.

Visiting Idaho's national parks and forests is fun. 

Check your work stress, your financial woes, and relationship troubles at the trailhead, y'all. This is your time to unwind, think/not think, and breathe more deeply and easily than ever. 

Whether you're up for a major adventure or looking for a relaxing weekend or day trip getaway, you'll never go wrong with choosing Idaho. 

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