What's more terrifying than one of the country's most dangerous prisons? How about a prison brawl consisting of some of the most dangerous gangs inside one of the most dangerous prisons? That's exactly what happened nearly 5 years ago in 2018.

What made the brawl so dangerous?

There are a variety of factors that make the brawl dangerous including the use of a kitchen appliance (more on that later), but the two major factors are the gangs involved - the Sureños and the Norteños. Both gangs originate from California and also originated from California's state prison. What's even scarier is how the attack was planned and involved 14 people... and that wild kitchen appliance was used in the fight.

Let's take a look at one of the wildest brawls in Idaho's prison system.

A Look At One Of Idaho's Most Vicious Prison Brawls

Back in 2018, a violent brawl took place at Idaho's Maximum Security Prison...

The Norteños and Sureños really aren't that much different as far as origins go but there are still some subtle differences. One thing is for sure - they cannot stand each other.

Everything You Need To Know About The Sureños Gang

Now, let's look at the Sureños gang which was involved in an incident in Caldwell with their rivals, the Norteños.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the Sureños were able to calculate such a coordinated attack. Their origins in the California state prison likely have given them an edge in prison over other prisoners. Especially when it comes to the connections these gangs likely have in the system. Let's look at the Norteños...

Everything You Need To Know About The Norteños Gang

Let's look at the Norteños gang which was involved in an incident in Caldwell with their rivals, the Sureños.

It's scary to think that these gangs are operating right here in the Treasure Valley but thankfully some of the worst of the worst are locked up in Idaho Maximum Security Institute. Let's take a quick tour of Idaho's most dangerous prison...

Let's Take A Look Inside Of Idaho's Most Dangerous Prison

Idaho's most dangerous prison is located in Kuna, Idaho housing some of the most violent offenders in the country.

Solitary confinement certainly doesn't look like the place any criminal wants to spend the rest of their life. One criminal that should certainly spend the rest of her life in this type of facility (if not the death penalty), it's Lori Vallow, the "cult mom murderer." But does anyone else remember the time that she actually appeared on the game show Wheel of Fortune? No kidding, it actually happened.

That Time Lori Vallow Was A Contestant on Wheel of Fortune

Believe it or not, the monster known as Lori Vallow once competed on an episode of 'Wheel of Fortune.'

Idaho is home to some dangerous people, but thankfully our first responders and corrections officers are keeping us safe.

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