Thank You for Being a Friend

Idaho Falls, Idaho. She didn't thank him for being a friend. On the contrary, the restraining order stated she never wanted him to travel down the road and back again.

But, he thought his heart was true; that he was a friend and a confidant. As it turns out, he wasn't.

Picture It

Picture it: Idaho Falls, 2021. It was a day much like any other when Matthew Morey, 29, took 'The Police' song lyrics to an uncomfortable place.

Morey, who some might call a rather intense friend, progressed from Stage 5 clinger to full-fledge stalker when he was served a no-contact order by the mother of his children. Authorities also sentenced Morey to probation for first-degree stalking.

No Contact

Later that year in Feb. 2021, Morey violated the no-contact order.

Stalker Texas Ranger showed up at the victim's residence and trashed the place. Idaho Falls Police estimate Morey caused as much as $5,000 in damages and repairs.

By the way, Chuck Norris called. He says that wasn't very ranger-like at all, Morey.

Triggering Stalker Texas Ranger

So what triggered the 29-year-old? From Dec. to Feb. him and the victim had no contact. What could have changed?

It came to light that the incident was spurred by a civil protection order filed against him in 2022. Incensed but lacking a means of conveyance, Stalker Texas Ranger vowed to ride, and stalk, again.

Save a Horse, Steal Your Buddy's Car

The solution? "Borrowing" a buddy's steel steed, of course. There was just one small problem: Morey forget to ask/inform the buddy of the plan. Despite Buddy's many pleas to return the vehicle to their Pocatello residence, Morey bounced and was gone for like a week.

The Stoned Ranger

Higher than a kite, the Stoned Ranger pioneered his way to Big Sky Montana on meth and marijuana. But he just couldn't resist a trip to Idaho Falls to see his children and their mother.

Silly boundaries! What's a no-contact order and a civil protection order in the grand scheme of things anyway?

Discovered in a parking lot in Idaho Falls a few days ago, Morey's pilgrimage was disrupted when local law enforcement detained him.

After searching his cell, officials discovered the man's many attempts to contact the mother of his children. For reasons he can quite understand, momma wouldn't answer.

The Charges

Morey's preliminary hearing is Jan. 17 in Bonneville County Court. He's currently charged with the following:

  • First-degree stalking, punishable with up to five years in jail
  • Felony possession of a controlled substance, punishable up to seven years in jail
  • Multiple accounts of misdemeanors, including one for "borrowing" Buddy's car


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