The last time we heard about a big weed bust around here, it was the size of a French Bulldog. Time to buy a bigger doggy bowl.

A Boise man was arrested across state lines in Oregon Saturday night with an ungodly amount of weed. Since the cool thing to do (says me) is to compare the weight of a kush bust to that of a comparable canine, the man was arrested with a Siberian Huskey-esque amount of weed. 40lbs, to be exact.

If that wasn't enough, the culprit also had xanax and an unlicensed handgun in his vehicle.

The charges against the Boise man are almost as hefty as his pot payload. He's being charged with possession of a concealed weapon, possession of a controlled substance, delivery and possession in excess of 8 pounds of marijuana, possession of marijuana extract, unlawful exportation of marijuana and reckless driving.

Not going to be a very merry Christmas for that gentleman.

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