Romanticizing Idaho Jury Duty

Nowadays, we chuckle at the memories, but as kids growing up amidst high-profile court dramas like O.J. Simpson's and the Menendez Brothers', we somehow got the impression that jury duty would be a major chapter in our adult lives.

Strangely enough, many '90s kids, ourselves included, were secretly eager to partake in the excitement of a dramatic court case.

Little did we know that the reality of actual jury duty bears little resemblance to the sensational scenes we observed on the evening news or in cinematic productions.

In truth, it seems to be one of the most routine and inconvenient responsibilities that adults must contend with—or so we've been told. Admittedly, we have yet to embark on this civic duty ourselves. However, the surge in calls from political pollsters lately has us contemplating that our time in the jury box might be approaching.

Idaho Jury Duty Dress Code

Did you know thousands of folks in Idaho take on the role of juror each year? It's true.  The U.S. District Court for the District of Idaho reports nearly 20,000 residents of the Gem State get called up for jury duty annually.

This got us thinking: what's the fashion scene like for jurors heading to court? And on top of that:

  • Is there a specific dress code for jurors in Idaho?
  • Are dressy jeans considered acceptable courtroom attire?
  • What's the policy on cleavage or outfits that might be a bit too revealing?
  • Are there any no-go wardrobe choices?

⬇️ Keep scrolling for a gallery of what not to wear to Idaho jury duty. 

10 Outfits That Can Get You Kicked Out of Idaho Jury Duty

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

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