BOISE, Idaho. In a recent Facebook post, we asked our fellow Idahoans to tell us what's inside their junk drawer! Scroll on for a gallery featuring 22 must-have Idaho junk drawer essentials according to a local Facebook page!

I don't know if I can even open mine anymore it's so full of tape, super glue, some random screws from something I took apart, coupons I will never use, chargers, baby outlet plugs, pens, note pads, hand sanitizer, envelopes and stamps, old Christmas cards, some of it I'm not sure what it is but I might need it one day!  -Katrina K. A.


Uh...I have several...most people own miscellaneous crap that doesn't have a specific it gets shoved into a drawer. -Melissa M.

At least one piece of hard plastic that goes to something. You’re just not sure what, and are afraid to throw it away in case you remember. Haha! -Teresa W.A.

Scroll on for a gallery of Idaho's junk drawers & quirky quotes about each item!

💡 Idaho Shares What's Inside Its Junk Drawers On Social Media

Scroll on for a gallery of what's inside Idaho's junk drawers accompanied by quirky quotes about each item!

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