My nuclear family unit lives in Idaho. My immediate and extended family do not. In fact, they’ve visited fewer times than there are summer months. They know very little about the gem state. But they know a lot about making stupid Idaho jokes. I love a good joke, I do. But out-of-towners spout off a bunch of “hoe” references and think it’s clever. I thought I was sick of hearing stuff like "spudtacular" and "spec-tater." But this whole play on the state's name ending in "ho" is so tired! And people say them as though they were the first to ever make the reference. Here are the worst ones. And if they look familiar, well that just proves my point.

“Idaho? You da hoe.”
“If I had farmland in Boise, Idaho it.”
“What state do all prostitutes come from?
“How can you tell if a potato is a prostitute? It has a sticker that says ‘Idaho’”
“Why do pervs go to Idaho? To eye da hoe”
“A prostitute gets pulled over. The cop asks "Where you're from?" She responds "Idaho". The cop says "I know you are, but where you're from?"
I mean, do I have to go on? Can anyone be clever? Please, give me some niche jokes that Idahoans can truly appreciate. Potatoes and hoes ain’t it. For the love of all that's good and just, I can't possibly endure another wannabe quip that encapsulates nothing about Idaho besides the latter part of how its name is pronounced.

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