Idaho may be well known for college football and potatoes, but our beautiful state is also home to some incredible hidden gems: hot springs.

Our state is home to over 232 Natural Hot Springs. From that list, some Idaho hot springs are among those with the highest temps per density in the United States.

The hottest hot springs in Idaho is the Russian John Hot Springs in Hailey which sits at a steamy 100 degrees. Idaho is also home to one of the warmest hot springs. Taylor Springs in Driggs, ID enjoys an average water temperature of 68 degrees.

Everything from Silver Creek Plunge to the popular  Goldburg Hot Springs in Challis (only 138 miles from Boise) is featured in this list. Check out all of the top hot springs in Idaho, and feel free to share your favorite hot spot memories on our Facebook page!

No matter which site you travel to, our great state is the home of so many incredible sites natural and hand made. A word of advice, just don't just in the first time you get there, ya never know how hot that geothermal body of water is.

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