As much I love my job, I'm ready for a vacation. Mother nature has been taunting me with glorious weather. I've been enjoying it when I can, but I need a proper day away from work and children to fully enjoy the spring spoils of 70-something degree weather. Time to swap sledding and tubing in Idaho City, for some relaxation at The Springs. If it has "spring" in the name, then it's season appropriate, right?

Basically you get to soak in a hot spring without the exertion of a full blown hike to reach it. And the fact that you can just look this place up and book a reservation makes it rank high on my list. Unless you've somehow finagled your way into the elite world of hot springers, it can be hard to find a hot spring. Gatekeepers, these folks! But I digress. You're just a few clicks away on The Springs website from a 2.5 hour soak.

You have to make a reservation for your soak time. This isn't some walk-in situation.(Though I wish it were. Doing this on a whim sounds magical to me.) And you have two and a half hours from your reservation time to enjoy. You can opt for a private tub, but the rates for that are $45 per hour vs $20 for the 2.5 hour soak (adult rates; private tubs are adult only).

They also have a hotel, Inn The Pines, for a full weekend getaway. If you're anything like me, driving all the way home after a revitalizing and relaxing soak probably doesn't sound appealing. So just stay in a cozy hotel room until the next day. Warning: there are only 7 rooms total, so make sure you book ahead. Choose which Friday you're randomly going to have a migraine and the chicken pox and pack up the car for a soothing day of hooky away from work and responsibilities.

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