As Idaho living grows more expensive each year, side hustles are helping a lot of us pay bills and keep food on the table.

It's no secret America's economy is struggling right now. 

In the face of economic hardship, Idahoans are starting to see their creative outlets as financial opportunities. Hobbyists are using their skills to bring in extra income by crafting and selling their homemade goods. Whipping up tasty treats, fashioning unique apparel and accessories by hand, creating one-of-a-kind housewares—the options limitless for motivated creatives.

Idahoans love buying local homemade products.

People crave authenticity. More and more, Idahoans are looking for one-of-a-kind pieces crafted with character that they can connect with or gift to friends and family. The homemade goods market could be a goldmine for today's crafty entrepreneur.

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The homemade goods market is more flexible than ever.

Whether they're selling from home, online, or at local venues, creators have the flexibility to dictate their own schedules and pricing. Because they oversee their own inventory, it's easier for them to adapt and change to meet the niche demands of their base.

Made-at-home goods and foods brings people together.

Crafters and creators foster camaraderie and community engagement. As Boise locals seek out locally-made products, entrepreneurs can boost their finances as they add to the growth and vitality of the Treasure Valley.

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Look! 27 Homemade Things Idahoans Can Sell For Extra Cash

Did you know Idaho law doesn't require cottage food producers to obtain a food-establishment permit? As long as the homemade food they're selling doesn't require refrigeration (and a few other things), Idahoans can sell a number of tasty treats they bake and cook at home.

If you know your way around a KitchenAid, it's actually pretty easy to transform your hobby into a reliable side hustle. The same is true of Idaho's non-culinary crafters and creators.

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